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Kardinia Pharmacy

Kardinia Pharmacy

Discover Exceptional Pharmacy Services at Kardinia Pharmacy in Belmont, Geelong

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If you’re looking for a trusted pharmacy or chemist in Belmont, Kardinia Pharmacy is here to meet your healthcare needs. As an accredited “Pharmacy Guild Quality Care” Pharmacy, we take pride in providing a patient-focused and robust medication service to the local community. Our team of experienced local pharmacists is dedicated to delivering high-quality care and ensuring that you receive the support you need for your health and medication management.

Patient-Centric Care and Expertise

At Kardinia Pharmacy, we believe in putting patients first. Our team of local pharmacists has a wealth of experience in community pharmacy operations, allowing us to provide comprehensive care and personalised attention. As an owner-operated pharmacy, we have the flexibility to tailor our services to meet the unique needs of our community. Our vision is to assist the community in being proactive with their health and medication management, empowering individuals to take control of their well-being.

Part of an Innovative Model of Primary Care

Kardinia Pharmacy is proud to be involved in multidisciplinary team care within Kardinia Health. By being part of this innovative model of primary care in the community, we collaborate closely with other healthcare professionals to ensure seamless and holistic patient care. Our integration with Kardinia Health allows us to provide a comprehensive approach to your healthcare needs, fostering better coordination and communication between different healthcare providers.

Supporting the Next Generation of Health Professionals

 At Kardinia Pharmacy, we are committed to the growth and development of the healthcare industry. We actively participate in interprofessional education within the clinic, helping to shape and educate the next generation of health professionals. By fostering a collaborative learning environment, we contribute to the continuous improvement of healthcare services in our community and beyond.

Conveniently Located in Belmont, Geelong

Located in the heart of Belmont, Kardinia Pharmacy is conveniently accessible to the local community. Whether you’re seeking prescription medications, over-the-counter products, or professional advice, our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to assist you. We aim to provide a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone, ensuring that you feel comfortable and supported throughout your pharmacy experience.

Experience the Difference at Kardinia Pharmacy

 When it comes to your healthcare needs, trust the dedicated team at Kardinia Pharmacy. We are committed to delivering exceptional pharmacy services with a focus on patient-centric care, expertise, and collaboration. As your trusted local chemist and in Belmont, Geelong, we are here to support your health and well-being. To experience the difference of Kardinia Pharmacy, please visit us today. Our team looks forward to serving you and meeting your medication and healthcare needs.

Pharmacy in belmont


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