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Kardinia Health Research

Kardinia Health Research 

Kardinia Health Research Committee is committed to supporting quality health and medical research and the translation of research evidence into everyday clinical practice. Our aim is to provide high-quality care to keep people healthy and out of hospital.

Through research, we can improve patient outcomes by working with patients to support, inform and promote health and well-being. Our unique investment towards primary practice research will enable current and future health care practitioners to build research capacity and develop expertise in local practical solutions and aid policymakers to make evidence-informed decisions to improve the health for all patients.

Our vision is to position Kardinia Health as the preeminent regional primary health research organisation in Australia, a hub of innovation driving advancements in healthcare practices, the leading regional primary health research organisation in Australia. 

Research Governance 

Research is governed by the Kardinia Health Research Committee (KHRC) with consists of representation from Deakin University, Barwon Health, and the Western Victoria Primary Health Network. The KHRC consists of between 10 to 12 health representatives encompassing a broad skill base in public health, clinical, prevention and community research. 

Ensuring ethical standards, research approvals are sought through collaboration with either the Deakin University Health Research Ethics Committee or the Barwon Health Research Ethics and Governance and Integrity Unit.

Kardinia Health Research is not just a committee; it’s a catalyst for transformative healthcare solutions. Our collaborative efforts extend beyond traditional boundaries, promoting interdisciplinary research that addresses the diverse health needs of our community. By partnering with esteemed institutions like Deakin University and Barwon Health, we ensure rigorous ethical standards and governance.

As we forge ahead, our commitment remains unwavering — to empower practitioners, inform policymakers, and establish Kardinia Health as a beacon of progressive health research, setting new standards for regional primary healthcare innovation in Australia.

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Kardinia Health Research is at the forefront of pioneering healthcare solutions, driven by a commitment to research excellence and the improvement of health outcomes for all.