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Support for Transgender and Gender Diverse people

Kardinia Health strives to foster an inclusive, respectful environment for every member of the community, and prides itself on being a community leader in providing support to members of the community who identify as transgender, gender diverse or non-binary. Kardinia Health has worked hard to create an inclusive and positive environment that provides open access and support for people who may have previously encountered barriers to receiving quality healthcare.

Kardinia Health staff have received specific additional training to help foster an environment of inclusion, understanding, and respect when providing support in Geelong to members of the community who identify as transgender and gender diverse.

Gender affirmative care at Kardinia Health may include assistance in exploring gender identity and gender diversity and linking to peer supports.

The General Practitioners and other healthcare professionals strive to ensure provision of quality support to all trans, gender diverse or non-binary members of the community. Affirmative medical care may follow an “informed consent model”, including help in accessing hormones or other medical care, according to individual needs.

In addition to providing a supportive environment within our clinic, Kardinia Health also works with organisations and support groups in the greater Geelong area. This includes working with GASP, a City of Greater Geelong project to help provide safe and inclusive spaces for young people, with adult groups, or family support networks.

Kardinia Health also works with other healthcare providers in the Geelong area to help educate and better integrate more inclusive health support services.

Kardinia Health places a high priority on providing a safe, welcoming space and that all clients are treated equally and respectfully.