Our Vision

Known as the centre for exemplary, prevention focused health care, driving education and training and leading primary healthcare research

Our Patients

  • Transition from person-centred care to persons at the forefront of their care
  • Provide quality preventative interdisciplinary healthcare
  • Increased emphasis on lifestyle and holistic approach to interdisciplinary healthcare
  • Patient care developed with the patient to meet their needs

Our People

  • Maintain an environment that attracts and retains high quality staff and contractors
  • Build organisational capability to enable delivery of excellent interdisciplinary primary healthcare
  • Continue to promote and improve a collaborative, safe and enjoyable workplace

Research, Education and Training

  • Conduct primary healthcare research that will influence healthcare delivery and improve patient outcomes
  • Secure external funds to ensure long term financial sustainability
  • Develop strategic partnerships with aligned organisations
  • Continue training GP Registrars

Our Sustainability

  • Build capability to respond with resilience to a changing environment
  • Improve communication and engagement between employees, contractors and patients
  • Identify areas of un-met community need