Merryn has worked predominantly in the Department of Human Services in an assessment capacity but has also engaged in counselling intervention over the years including private practice work in Rural and regional Victoria.

Merryn has been trained in a number of counselling modalities including CBT, ACT, psychoeducation, and mindfulness based interventions. Merryn’s work is predominantly informed by her keen interest in psychoanalytic theory based on some years of further study in this area (short introductory courses and the commencement of the Masters in Psychoanalysis at Victoria University). Merryn is currently in her final year of a three year training program in Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP). ISTDP is based on psychoanalytic theory of anxiety, defences, and the unconscious, however the ISTDP approach is dynamic resulting in effective change for the patient in a relatively short time frame.

Merryn works with adults and has a special interest in anxiety (in all of it’s forms).