Sexual Health Check Up

Kardinia Health Sexual Health clinic offers a range of services including:

We will help and support patients inform their sexual contacts if they have a sexually transmitted infection, anonymously if needed.

We are able to refer for further specialist input as necessary.

We are friendly and non-judgmental and welcome all regardless of sexual preference or gender identity, ethnicity or financial status.

We periodically teach medical students from Deakin Medical School. Patients will always be asked for their permission should a medical student be present and given the option of whether they are happy for them to sit in on the consultation/examination.

Confidentiality is taken very seriously and the sexual health clinic is run parallel to our general practice so attendance at our clinic does not signal attendance to a sexual health service per se.

Clients can choose a female or male clinician if available. They can also choose to have a chaperone.

It is advisable to not have passed urine for at least one hour prior to your appointment with the doctor as “first pass” urine can be one of the tests we may find useful.

The clinic operates every Thursday afternoon, consultations at other times by arrangement.

Please see our FAQ for information about Kardinia Health’s billing policy