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IUD contraception in Geelong: What you need to know

Kardinia Health is leading the way in increasing access for women to IUD contraception in the Geelong region.

Seven of our doctors are accredited with Family Planning Victoria to perform IUD insertions. This includes the popular Mirena IUD, which contains the hormone progesterone or copper IUDs. In conjunction with Family Planning Victoria we are also training other doctors in the region in IUD insertion.

Thanks to these efforts we have reduced wait times and the cost of insertion. There are now doctors in many other clinics in Geelong providing IUD insertion as well.

What is IUD Contraception?

IUD stands for ‘intrauterine device’. It is a small device that is inserted inside the uterus where it restricts sperm movement and survival. This helps prevent sperm reaching the egg to fertilise it. The device also changes the lining of the womb so that if an egg does become fertilised it won’t have the ideal conditions required for development. It is one of the increasingly popular long acting reversible contraceptions (LARC).

There are two kinds:

What is the IUD Contraception Insertion Process?

To have an IUD insertion at Kardinia Health please call reception on (03) 5202 9333 and ask for a consultation with one of the doctors who insert IUDs.

At this consultation we will run you through the process and check your suitability for this method of contraception, performing any tests required. Then if appropriate, we will book you in for a 45 minute appointment for the IUD insertion.

IUD Contraception Benefits

IUD Contraception Disadvantages

What does IUD Contraception Cost?

If you are interested in finding out more about Mirena or Copper IUD insertion please call Kardinia Health on (03) 5202 9333 or book an appointment here.

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