IUD contraception in Geelong: What you need to know

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Mirena IUD contraception

Kardinia Health is leading the way in increasing access for women to IUD contraception in the Geelong region.

Seven of our doctors are accredited with Family Planning Victoria to perform IUD insertions. This includes the popular Mirena IUD, which contains the hormone progesterone or copper IUDs. In conjunction with Family Planning Victoria we are also training other doctors in the region in IUD insertion.

Thanks to these efforts we have reduced wait times and the cost of insertion. There are now doctors in many other clinics in Geelong providing IUD insertion as well.

What is IUD Contraception?

IUD stands for ‘intrauterine device’. It is a small device that is inserted inside the uterus where it restricts sperm movement and survival. This helps prevent sperm reaching the egg to fertilise it. The device also changes the lining of the womb so that if an egg does become fertilised it won’t have the ideal conditions required for development. It is one of the increasingly popular long acting reversible contraceptions (LARC).

There are two kinds:

  • A small plastic device with copper wrapped around its stem is called Copper IUD
  • A small T-shape device with a cylinder containing progestogen around its stem is called Progestogen IUD, also known as Mirena IUD.

What is the IUD Contraception Insertion Process?

To have an IUD insertion at Kardinia Health please call reception on (03) 5202 9333 and ask for a consultation with one of the doctors who insert IUDs.

At this consultation we will run you through the process and check your suitability for this method of contraception, performing any tests required. Then if appropriate, we will book you in for a 45 minute appointment for the IUD insertion.

IUD Contraception Benefits

  • The Mirena IUD works for 5 years
  • The copper IUDs can last 5 to 10 years
  • There is no need to remember to take pills or use other methods, just fit and forget
  • The IUD is a completely reversible method of contraception
  • More than 50% women with Mirena IUD do not get periods after 6 months
  • If women do continue to have a period it is usually lighter and with less pain
  • Mirena IUD is ideal for women with heavy periods, painful periods, endometriosis or polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • IUDs are a suitable method of contraception for women of all ages

IUD Contraception Disadvantages

  • Insertion involves a minor procedure and women can experience pain with insertion
  • Copper IUDs cause heavier periods
  • Mirena IUDs can cause hormonal side effects such as bloating, breast tenderness or mood changes
  • Mirena IUDs can take a few weeks for intermittent pains to settle and a few months for bleeding patterns to settle
  • IUDs do not offer STI protection (sexually transmitted infection)

What does IUD Contraception Cost?

  • The price of the Mirena IUD is the cost of a standard PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme) prescription
  • Copper IUDs are not covered on the PBS and cost around $100 depending on the pharmacy
  • The cost of insertion of any IUD is $30 out of pocket for health care card holders and pensioners, $100 for private patients

If you are interested in finding out more about Mirena or Copper IUD insertion please call Kardinia Health on (03) 5202 9333 or book an appointment here.

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