Chelsea Hutson

Chelsea is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian, who was worked in various locations within and on the outskirts of Geelong. Chelsea has a wide range of interests within dietetics, specifically within the management of NIDDM, GDM, HT, CVD and weight management/ maintenance. She also enjoys working with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and women’s health.

Due to her strong passion for food and cooking, she believes that all foods can fit into a balanced lifestyle. “It’s about finding what works well for the individual, when they are feeling their best”. She prides herself in having a realistic, individualised approached to all of her clients. She is a strong believer that diet has a major impact on various conditions, and believes she can make a difference in people’s quality of life through evidence based food education. “There are copious amounts of misleading nutrition information available, it brings me joy when I am able to debunk these myths for my clients, where they know the information provided is trustworthy”

Chelsea is excited for her Journey within Kardinia Health and looks forward to meeting her future clients.


Georgia Fassoulidis- Currently on Maternity Leave

Accredited Practising Dietitian & Nutritionist, Sports Dietitian, Level 1 Anthropometrist
B.Sc. (Nutrition & Food), MSc. (Nutrition & Dietetics), Sports nutrition course

Sports Dietitians Australia
Dietitians Association of Australia

Georgia is an Accredited Practising Dietitian who brings with her over 5 years of extensive dietetic and nutrition experience. She has a strong passion for dietetics and prides herself on providing an individualised and practical approach in her recommendations.

Her experience in the nutrition and dietetics has spanned over several areas including private practice, corporate nutrition and in the food industry. She has worked with paediatric nutrition, , women’s health, as a food quality and safety officer for a leading national supermarket chain, all before graduating as a dietitian. Since then she has also worked with sports nutrition, patient support for pharmaceutical weight loss programs and consistently in private practice.

Georgia has been employed as a dieititian in private practice since attaining her APD qualification and works closely with the individual in order to attain positive health outcomes. She has worked with a variety of complex and simple conditions – inclusive of:

  • Adverse food reactions (allergy, intolerance, coeliac, sensitivities and IBS)
  • Paediatric and infant nutritional adequacy
  • Sports nutrition programs for athletes and Skinfold assessments
  • Disability and continence nutrition
  • Women’s health (prenatal nutrition, post menopausal nutrition, PCOS)
  • Chronic lifestyle diseases (DM, GDM, HT, CVD, obesity, malnutrition and weight maintenance)
  • Gastrointestinal nutrition (bowel obstructions, IBD, IBS, bariatric surgery -pre and post surgical)
  • Mental health (patients with depression, schizophrenia, bipolar)
  • And others.

Georgia has been a guest speaker for Multiple Sclerosis Australia at their continence workshop and has also completed and presented her research in childhood allergies.

Georgia has a progressive approach in helping people with various clinical conditions.

She has a passion for nutrition and is very interested in food allergies & intolerances, gastrointestinal/oesophageal conditions as well as a passion for sports nutrition.

Georgia is fluent in the Greek language, is a talented dietitian and a great cook.


Dietary consultations – initial and review

Sports nutrition consultations

Anthropometric assessments

Small group education workshops