Travel vaccinations and precautions – what you need to know


travel vaccinations

Travel is more available so it’s really no surprise that approximately 9.6 million Australians travelled overseas last year. The purpose for overseas travel can vary from work, visiting family, sightseeing, volunteering or even having medical procedures done but what doesn’t vary is the amount of time you should be planning ahead for travel vaccinations and other precautions. Every traveller should visit … Read More

Diabetes recovery and management: Starting with a diabetes educator

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Diabetes Educator Geelong

Diabetes can be debilitating however in most cases it can be very well managed through good monitoring, the correct medication, regular exercise and a healthy diet. In this article we’ll explore what a diabetes educator is, the different types of diabetes and treatment options. What is a diabetes educator? A diabetes educator works with the GP and an Endocrinologist to … Read More

Non-invasive, confidential sexual health check ups in Geelong

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Sexual Health Check Up

Your sexual health is super important to stay on top of but we know the idea of a sexual health check up can make some people squeamish, so we thought we’d walk through what a sexual health check up is, why it’s important, and most importantly why it’s surprisingly routine, usually free of all the personally confronting situations you might … Read More

Skin Checks: Four reasons to get your skin checked early and regularly

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Skin Checks Geelong

It’s well known that Australians have a higher risk of being diagnosed with skin cancer due to more extreme UV exposure than in other parts of the world. Geelong is no exception to that and with the warmer weather on the way it’s worth talking about skin checks and early detection of cancerous or precancerous cells. Four reasons to get your skin checked early … Read More

One simple tip for avoiding sports injury

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Sports injury Geelong

Did you know Kardinia Health has three Physiotherapists on site to treat sports injuries and general physical ailments? We spoke to our Allied Health Coordinator and Physiotherapist Ben Bisset about the kinds of sports injury he sees in Geelong, preventative measures, and his time competing as a national level triathlete. What is the one thing athletes can do to prevent … Read More

IUD contraception in Geelong: What you need to know

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Mirena IUD contraception

Kardinia Health is leading the way in increasing access for women to IUD contraception in the Geelong region. Seven of our doctors are accredited with Family Planning Victoria to perform IUD insertions. This includes the popular Mirena IUD, which contains the hormone progesterone or copper IUDs. In conjunction with Family Planning Victoria we are also training other doctors in the … Read More

New Physiotherapist – Joe Pashley

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We welcome Joe Pashley to our team at Kardinia Health. Joe will be working Tuesday and Friday mornings. Click here to hear more about Joe and call 03 5202 9333 to book an appointment.

Remedial Massage Therapist – Derek Burns

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TARGET YOUR PAIN with Remedial Massage Did you know Remedial Massage can give you drug-free relief from: ·                   Tension headaches ·                   Sore hips ·                   Neck pain ·                   Knee and elbow pain ·                   Back pain ·                   Ankle pain ·                   Carpel tunnel pain ·                   And much more… Most of these issues are caused by the formation of trigger points. Trigger points are … Read More

Exercise Physiology

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Natalie Egan completed her Bachelor in Exercise Science and Post Graduate Diploma in Exercise Rehabilitation gaining accreditation as an Exercise Physiologist. Natalie specialises in the delivery of exercise, lifestyle and behavioural modification programs for the prevention and management of chronic diseases and injuries. Natalie can work with you to design a plan and program that will assist you in managing … Read More

Kardinia Health Introduces Online Appointments

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Kardinia Health Introduces Online Appointments Book Your Next Appointment Online We know that it is often hard to get through on the phone. Now you can book your appointment anytime and anywhere It’s easy using our Appointuit software! Download the Appointuit App or visit the Kardinia Health website. From here click “make an appointment” and follow the instructions to register. … Read More