Exercise for Men with Prostate Cancer

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EXERCISE FOR MEN WITH PROSTATE CANCER What is Prostate Cancer? Prostate cancer (PCa) is the most common form of cancer among males in Australia, and in 2013 was the most commonly diagnosed form of cancer in Australia. It is estimated that approximately 16,665 men will be diagnosed with PCa in 2017, and 3,452 will pass away due to PCa. Although there … Read More

Hip and shoulder joint pain: Small changes make a big difference

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Joint pain, back pain, hip pain

Hip and shoulder joint pain, back injuries and other acute pain can have a huge impact on all aspects of your life and rather than just treating or masking the pain, Kardinia Health are focussed on investigating the underlying reasons and causes for the pain in the first place. A more holistic approach to the health and wellbeing Kardinia Health … Read More

Skin Checks: Four reasons to get your skin checked early and regularly

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Skin Checks Geelong

It’s well known that Australians have a higher risk of being diagnosed with skin cancer due to more extreme UV exposure than in other parts of the world. Geelong is no exception to that and with the warmer weather on the way it’s worth talking about skin checks and early detection of cancerous or precancerous cells. Four reasons to get your skin checked early … Read More

Travel Health

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Travel Health Are you planning an  overseas/adventure holiday? Come along for an entertaining evening discussing vaccinations, first aid supplies, and preventing and managing problems associated with high altitudes, adverse weather conditions and gastric nasties. Wednesday 9th November, 6.30-8pm At: Kardinia Health 2 –18 Colac Road, Belmont Presenters: Dr Michael Roberts (General Practitioner) RSVP essential as places limited:  by Tuesday 8th November email: community.forum@kardiniahealth.com.au … Read More

Drugs & Alcohol – Adolescents

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Drugs & Alcohol – Adolescents Which drugs are commonly used? Why are drugs used? What are the potential Harms/Hazards? What can you do about it? And who can you turn to for help? Wednesday 21st September, 6.30-8pm At: Kardinia Health 2 –18 Colac Road, Belmont Presenters: Dr Nic Brayshaw (General Practitioner) & Melinda Grady (Barwon Child Youth & Family Services) RSVP essential as places limited:  by … Read More

Managing Low Back Pain

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Managing Low Back Pain Join us for an information evening at Kardinia Health and learn more about the mechanics of low back pain, and some useful strategies and exercises for both managing symptoms and preventing problems. Wednesday 20th July, 6.30-8pm At: Kardinia Health 2 –18 Colac Road, Belmont Presenters: Ben Bissett (Physiotherapist) and Dr Robert Brzozek (Muscular Skeletal GP) RSVP … Read More

Falls Prevention

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Falls Prevention   Among older adults, falls are the leading cause of  unintentional injuries and hospital admissions for trauma. Falls can take a serious toll on older adults’ quality of life and independence. Come and listen so some ways you can prevent future falls for yourself or those around you. Wednesday 4th May, 6.30-8pm At: Kardinia Health 2 –18 Colac … Read More

Mindfulness Forum – Wednesday 20th April 2016

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Mindfulness Would you like to know more about Mindfulness? This forum will provide an * Introduction to Mindfulness * What it involves * Benefits for you Wednesday 20th April, 6.30-8pm At: Kardinia Health 2 –18 Colac Road, Belmont Presenters: Suzie Brown RSVP essential as places are limited:  by Tuesday 19th April    email: community.forums@kardiniahealth.com.au         or phone 03 5202 9333 Entry by … Read More

Community Forums Coming Soon

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Community Forums Coming Up Wednesday 21st April – Mindfulness with Suzie Brown (Mindfulness) Wednesday 4th May – Falls Prevention with Ben Bissett (Physiotherapist) Wednesday 18th May – Osteoporosis/Osteoarthritis – What’s the difference?  Dr Andrew Beavon (General Practitioner) & Natalie Egan (Exercise Physiotherapist)

Weight Management

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Kardinia Health invites you to join us for an information evening on all matters associated with weight management, looking at all the options available for weight loss. Tuesday 23rd February, 6.30-8pm At: Kardinia Health 2 –18 Colac Road, Belmont Presenters: Dr Nic Brayshaw (GP) and Bhakti De Bon (Mental Health Clinician) RSVP essential as places are limited: by Monday 22nd February … Read More