A group education and exercise program is available at Kardinia Health for people with Type 2 Diabetes. This group is run by a Diabetes Educator, Dietician and Exercise Physiologist and provides information about Type 2 Diabetes, food, shopping and diabetes, foot care, physical activity and ongoing self-management.

To be eligible for the group clients must have Type 2 diabetes, have a relevant care plan in place and be referred by their GP to the eligible allied health professional for assessment for group services i.e. credentialled diabetes educator or dietitian or exercise physiologist.

The group is run in an eight week sequential program delivered by all three allied health professionals.

In the sessions you’ll learn about

  1. Introduction, overview, goal formation.
  2. Blood glucose monitoring, hypoglycaemia, hyperglycaemia, blood test results
  3. Foot care, kidney function, eye test, vascular function, sick day management
  4. Nutrition principles- glycaemic index, fats, protein, carbohydrates, portion sizes, food labeling
  5. Shopping tour
  6. Physical activity, overcoming barriers to participation
  7. Exercise strategies
  8. Evaluation and participant feedback.

Facilitated by

Olga Lutzko (Diabetes Educator)

Natalie Egan (Exercise Physiologist)

Amy Trotter (Dietician)


Mondays from 10-11am and with the option of evening sessions on a Thursday. The program is run once every three months


Covered through Medicare, patient to ask GP about a GP Management Plan.