Understanding Teenage Children – Anxiety

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Understanding Teenage Children

Do you want to better  understand your teenage children?

You are invited to attend our three community forums focusing on teenagers.

1. Drugs and Alcohol – Addictions & Myths  – June 20th 2018

2. Anxiety – July 18th 2018

3. Teenage Diet – August 15th 2018

Everyone gets anxious, right? From experiencing butterflies in the stomach to full on nausea and vomiting, from tension in the head, neck and shoulders to having blurry vision, migraines, dizziness, and foggy thinking, anxiety can manifest in many ways. Knowing what anxiety is and how it affects your teenager is important as anxiety can significantly affect their social, emotional and academic lives. So, what is anxiety and how and why do we experience it? What can you do to identify anxiety in your teenager and help them should their anxiety be too high? This one hour talk and discussion with psychologist, Rod Happell, will help you better understand anxiety and its effects.

Wednesday 18th July, 6.30-8pm

At: Kardinia Health 2 –18 Colac Road, Belmont

Presenters:  Rod Happell (Psychologist)

RSVP essential:  by Tuesday 17th July

   email: community.forums@kardiniahealth.com.au

or phone 03 5202 9333

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