Remedial Massage Therapist – Derek Burns

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TARGET YOUR PAIN with Remedial Massage

Did you know Remedial Massage can give you drug-free relief from:

·                   Tension headaches ·                   Sore hips
·                   Neck pain ·                   Knee and elbow pain
·                   Back pain ·                   Ankle pain
·                   Carpel tunnel pain ·                   And much more…

Most of these issues are caused by the formation of trigger points. Trigger points are small, pea sized knots in muscle tissue and their presence causes the muscle to not function properly, creates pain in the immediate area, and sometimes referral of pain to another area. For example a common tension headache pain behind the eyes can actually be caused by trigger points at the base of the skull and in trapezius muscle.

Trigger points usually occur in clusters and unless they are treated they can perpetuate pain, and disrupt movement of the body leading to the creation of more trigger points.

Intervention through Remedial Massage can release trigger points, not only eliminating pain but restoring movement as well.

To get pain relief NOW, see our Remedial Massage Therapist Derek Burns on 03 5202 9333.