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Are you a parent (or soon to be a parent) and keen to learn calmer, gentler ways to parent that don’t involve punishment, shouting and high levels of stress?

This Mindful Parenting forum will give you a great introduction. You’ll learn:
  • What Mindful Parenting is all about and how it differs from old-style authoritarian parenting.
  • Methods to keep calm and not get so frustrated or overwhelmed as a parent of young kids.
  • Techniques to be more connected to your children and their needs.
  • Mindfulness-based strategies for managing your child’s difficult behaviors.
  • Teaching your children empathy and emotional intelligence through your parenting style.
  • How to reduce stress for yourself and  your children by having a calmer home and lifestyle.


Wednesday 19th July, 6:30pm-8:00pm

At: Kardinia Health 2 –18 Colac Road, Belmont

Presenters: Suzie Brown

RSVP essential:  by Tuesday 18th July

   email: community.forums@kardiniahealth.com.au

        or phone 03 5202 9333

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