Lifestyle Before Medicine Series – Health & Wellness

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Lifestyle Before Medicine Series – Health & Wellness


  1. Health & Wellness Coaching Wednesday 16th August 2017
  2. Exercise in Disease Prevention—Wednesday 20th September 2017
  3. Nutrition in Disease Prevention—Wednesday 18th October 2017
  4. Managing Change and Transition—Wednesday 15th November 2017

This series will explore how keeping fit & well can prevent development of chronic diseases.
If you want to hear the latest in keeping yourself fit and well while also minimising the impact of chronic diseases you can come and listen to the Medicoach team: Kim Poyner and Tim Denton.
When we talk about chronic diseases think about: Diabetes, Heart disease, Emphysema and Asthma, High Blood Pressure, Kidney disease & Arthritis.
This sessions discusses knowing what disease risks you may have and how to best manage them.  It will be a highly interactive and fun session

Wednesday 16th August, 6.30-8pm

At: Kardinia Health 2 –18 Colac Road, Belmont

Presenters:  Kim Poyner (Health and Wellness Coach) & Dr Tim Denton (GP)

RSVP essential:  by Tuesday 15th August
        or phone 03 5202 9333

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