Position: Director

Tim Denton was born in Melbourne soon after Collingwood beat Geelong in the 1953 Grand Final. Ironically he relocated from Melbourne to Geelong in 1979 after graduating in Medicine from Monash University.

At Geelong Hospital he completed 3 years of residency before travelling through northern India and starting a long love of travel to exotic locations. Soon after returning from India he followed another passion he had developed as a medical student – that of Aboriginal Health. He worked with the Pitjantjatjarra and Ngatatjarra people on the South Australian, Western Australian and Northern Territory triborder. He spent a year as the only doctor on the ground between Kalgoorlie and Alice Springs working among the people of this most fascinating Aboriginal Nation.

Returning to Geelong he established his own solo general practice in Church Street North Geelong, naming it after an outstation of Central Australia, Kunatjarra. From 1984 until 1998 he worked in this ever growing 5 doctor General Practice; learning the art of Acupuncture while in this busy practice. In 1998, with the offer to work in Aboriginal Health again, Tim and wife, Renee, also a GP left to work in The Northern Territory’s Arnhem Land. They worked in Maningrida, a community of 2000 people in central Arnhem Land. It was here that Tim was able to train in GP radiology and set up a radiology service in association with the NT tuberculosis team. With his wife and 3 children life was quite exotic and fascinating for them until the need to seek secondary education brought them back to the Surfcoast near Geelong.

Since returning Renee has re trained as a psychiatrist and Tim found work at Surfcoast Medical Centre’s Anglesea Practice. Joining the board of the GP Association of Geelong, Tim became involved in the developments at the Youth Health service, Clockwork, and worked to achieve the close liaison between Barwon Health Youth Mental Health services Jigsaw through the Headspace Barwon setting.